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At a rural American Farm a women is getting out of her hybrid car. She has black hair and powerful green eyes. Her build is moderate with b cup breasts with a skinny only a small pouch of flab on her stomach showed otherwise.  The woman takes in the smells of the farm and smiles. This woman is Rachel and it's her first time being back on the family farm in a year and had decided to come back for her birthday. She walks to the farm house that is the closest structure to the road, the farm buildings were in the back area. She walks up to the door and opens it, walking into the house. She smells the familiar smells of the house especially the apple pie coming from the kitchen. "Hi mom I'm home" Rachel calls out to the kitchen. A plump woman in her late forties with brown hair and blue eyes comes out of the kitchen and immediately grabs Rachel in a warm and welcoming hug. "Oh good my birthday girl is home" as the women gives Rachel a kiss on the forehead. Rachel smiles and gives a kiss to her mother's cheek. Her mother then leads her to kitchen were an apple pie was sitting on the table already cut and ready to serve. Rachel grabs a piece of pie starts to eat it as her mother tells her about the farm was doing. When Rachel was half way through with her piece of apple pie her mother asks her to bring a piece to her father.
Sara takes a piece and walks out the back of her house. She sees the barn out back. The familiar smell of pigs rushes to her nose as she gets close. Her mother and father owned an old style pig farm. They were able to compete with the big farms because they were locally famous for having the best tasting pigs. She pushed the barn door open to the familiar scent of pigs, mud, and slop. Rachel saw her father a tall muscular man with blue eyes and blonde hair. He looked up and smiled and waved her over. He gave her a hug and took the piece of apple pie. They traded small talk until her father looked at his watch and he said"hey Rachel could you finish up here, I have to go check something." He placed down the slop bucket and wished her a happy birthday as he walked out. Rachel agreed and picked up the slop bucket.
She went to the individual slop troughs and started pour it in. she admired the pigs as they rushed over to greedily start eating as much they could.  She wished could enjoy food like that but touches her stomach and poked her stomach feeling it squish around her finger. Rachel pulls back her finger and then goes to the private pen in the corner. She pours slop into the trough in the pen and see's the only pig in this pen. It was a mature boar that was biggest in the barn and the only pig with a collar. Rachel smiles at the boar and while it eats she scratched the boar's ear. "Hey porky did you miss me" Rachel said in the baby voice she used o talk to the boar. Porky was Rachel's pet pig that she had raised since she picked him from a group of piglets. "How's my big fella doing" Rachel says as porky picked up his head and poked it through the fence. Rachel decided she should let him out. She opened the cage but the boar didn't walk out but instead just stood and watched her. "Silly pig" Rachel thought to herself as she walked over to porky. She could hear the mud squish under her shoes. Rachel liked the sound since she was a little girl. She couldn't explain it she liked the mud in the sty the best. She reached Porky and tugged on his collar. Porky didn't move, so she tugged on him harder. She lost her grip which sent her flying into the mud.
Rachel picked herself up from the mud and for moment was confused. She sat on her butt feeling the mud touching her skin. She rubs the mud in-between her fingers feeling its soft and cool texture in her fingers. She brought her muddy fingers to her nose smelling the mud. She then rubbed on to her nose feeling its coolness on her nose. She got on to her knees and hands to pick herself up when she felt the snout of Porky sniffing her rear.  Rachel froze for a moment; she felt an instinct let him sniff like it was his way of identifying her.
Rachel snapped out of it and quickly got up. "Why did I let Porky do that" she thought as she looked at Porky embraced by her actions. Porky though was now more energetic and affectionate like it now recognized Rachel after smelling her. Rachel decided it was time to leave the sty. She walked out of the barn with porky following behind her. As she left she saw that the pigs were looking at her and sniffing the air. Each time she saw one sniffing she felt the instinct to let them smell her. She fought the instinct and made it to the barn door.  She took moment and paused at the door looking back at the pigs she felt a sense of belonging with them.
Rachel walked to her parent's house coated in the mud from the sty. She tried rubbing it off but there was no way she was going get it all off without a shower.  She knew she had some extra clothes in her old room but she had to sneak in to get them. She opened the door quietly and peaked in. the hallway was clear. She snuck to the stairs and climbed up them. She was close to the shower when she heard "Rachel why are you covered in mud." It was her mother who was holding a broom apparently she had seen the mud trail in the hallway. "Well Porky knocked me over into the mud" Rachel said as she tried to move toward the bathroom. "Did you like the mud" Her mom asked. Rachel blushed at the strange question and how it was true. She tried to blow off the question by say "you know me I always like to play in the mud." Her mom gave sigh but kept a smile which Rachel knew was her actions when she knew her mother knew more than she let on. "Well be ready for dinner it's in an hour" her mother said as she walked down the wooden stairs sweeping the mud trail away.
Rachel reached her room got a pair of clothes and walked into the bathroom. She stripped naked and admired herself in the mirror besides her slightly pudgy stomach she was very beautiful. She felt the mud on her breasts and liked the feeling. She took a moment and rubbed the mud into her breasts. She took more mud from her clothes and rubbed it on to her skin. She couldn't explain it but she found the feeling of mud on her skin great. She stopped though and grudgingly got into the shower. She washed the mood off of her but didn't use any soap. For some reason she didn't like the feel of soap. She got of the shower and dried herself off. She putt on her clothes and walked out the door.
She could smell the food coming from the kitchen and felt her stomach rumble with hunger. She walked down to see a big feast for her birthday dinner. She sat and started to eat. She didn't even bother to wait till her parents got something to eat. She eat with a fork eating like she hadn't eaten in months but soon found it wasn't fast enough. So she just started to shovel it into her face. She eats and eats until her stomach was extended from eating so much. She sat back and enjoyed the satisfying afterglow from the meal. She let out a burp then felt for the first time to be self conscious. She realized how piggishly she had eaten. Her hair and clothes had bits of food on them and her part of the table was a complete mess but her parents seemed to be calm and seem to act like she had not acted badly. "Sorry" Rachel said with an embarrassed look on her face. "Its alright your just my growing girl" said her father in his fatherly kind voice. "Excuse me" said Rachel trying to escape the situation. Her father nodded so she left the table and walked up to room. She felt sleepy and bad for her behavior. She didn't bother to take off her food stain clothes as she went to sleep on her old bed.
Rachel started to have weird dreams of the sty and pigs. She was a piglet and she was playing with the other piglets as a motherly sow watched over them. It was a very clear dreams see could see the whole barn, feel the mud under her hooves, she hear the sounds of other pigs, and even taste the slop. This last sense made her eyes open fast. She found herself in a pig pen eating slops. She backed away frighten not knowing why she was there or why she was now naked.
She tried to stand up but lost her balance because her feet were unusually stiff. She looked at her feet and to her horror they started to shrink. Her toes merged into three big black nails making a cracking noise as they formed. Rachel tried to stand again but it was impossible to balance on her hooves. She crawled towards the gates entrance but soon as she got there, her hands became stiff.  Her thumbs were the first to change as they shorten back into a black hoof like structure. Her other fingers followed suit as they shortened to form the rest of the black hooves. Rachel started to scream in fear calling out to her mother and father. Her long slender legs shrank back into legs of a pig. Rachel could pick herself up and walk on all fours to the side of fence but found impossible to get over. Her arms shrank too into legs making walking easier but making her even more frighten. She continued call out until "MOM DAD PLEA SQUEEE SQUEEE" her voice had become nothing but pig squeals. Her face tingled as her nose flipped up and pushed out a snout growing out to replace her beautiful face. Her ears moved to the top of her head and grew until they became pink and floppy. Her beautiful black hair started to fall out leaving her with a pig's head. Her skin tingled as turned and pink and a light covering of pig hair spread all over her body. Her breasts became teats and Rachel could feel little pops on her skin as she grew four more. Her once beautiful feminine body with beautiful curves and heart shaped but started put on the fat as her body became barrel shaped. She felt a tail grow out and to add on last indignity her vagina moved to above her butt a permanent sign of her new status as a sow all that was left was her striking green eyes
Her mother and father finally came in but at the sight of the pig that had once been their daughter. Rachel awkwardly trotted over to her parents squealing to get their attention. Her mother reached down and calmed the frantic pig. "shhh shhh dear calm down and let me explain" her mother said with voice she hadn't used since Rachel was a child.  Rachel looked up with questioning eyes wondering what her mother was about to say. "my sweet daughter we are magic users and that is why can keep are farm from being beat out by the big company ones we use are magic to make the pigs fat and tasty and it has served us well" she stopped and sighed rubbing her stomach. She continued talking "but magic comes with a price, we lose the ability to have to children but there is a way to get around this by turning a young animal into a baby human." She started to scratch Rachel's ear which Rachel liked but felt humiliated at the same time. "So we took you and raised you as our own but there is still a draw back when that child reaches twenty-one the child must become the animal and give birth on time as homage to their birth race." It took a moment for Rachel to understand such surprising news. "Do you understand Rachel" her father asked not able to keep eye contact as her said it. Rachel nodded and then her parents left her too go back to their house. Rachel turned the other pigs in the sty that had been awakened by Rachel's screaming. They came and comforted her by pushing their soft warm bodies. Rachel truly did feel confronted and fell asleep.
For the next few days's Rachel got used to being a pig. She didn't eat the slop the first time it was put in the trough but by the second time she couldn't fight her hunger and eat. It was surprisingly delicious and eats as much she could. She found a lot of pig activates weird and embarrassing. The worst was when her mother came in and talked to her, Rachel felt the need to go the bathroom. She had no control she just pooped right in front of her mouthier. Rachel found it to be horribly embarrassing but her mother just let out a stifled laugh and continued to talk. Her mother told her they had covered for her saying she was spending time in Europe to cover and had cast a spell for extra measure.
The days passed and she got used her pig life. Then one day she felt hot and immediately knew she was in heat. Her father took her to Porky's cage. Porky sniffed her and then jumped on her back taking the honor of being the father of her piglets. Over the next couple of months her stomach expanded and her teats filled with milk. Her mother was over joyed and watched over her every day. A vet came and looked over her which for the first time made her embarrassed of the fact she was a pig. An Indian women named Tammy who had been a high school friend of hers who was now her vet poking and prodding all over her body. Rachel was given a clean bill of health as the pregnancy continued. Finally one day when Rachel's stomach had become so extended with piglets that she couldn't move, she felt a jabbing pain in her stomach. Rachel laid down and began to give birth, her mother came out and discovered her and began to help her. Rachel gave birth to six healthy piglets. She watched over them and felt the joys of mother hood as she watched over them. After what was about another three month's her piglets were taken away in her sleep and she was furious and scared both at the same time. Her parents came in at the time for slops to be given and explained to her that it was time for her time change back.
The Change back was much quicker but she changed back to heavy weight of 240 pounds a modest weight for pig but obese for her. She didn't have them make thin because she still retain pig behaviors and one of them was finding fat to be a good thing. She went on and began living her life again but kept visiting the farm and her baby's. In her heart she always knew she would be a farm pig.
this is my newest story. Rachel findes her true orgins on her 21 birthday. tell me what you guys think of the story.
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FutureCharlie Featured By Owner May 3, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I'm just scrolling down searching for this other thing - oh this was done in 2010 - anywhere mention the cup size of a character is weird. I could straight away tell you where a male writer. There may be female writers that do this but - its just bad - like unless there shopping bras its a do not do.
Billpaxton122 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014
realdvourer Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011
i love the idea of someone being fattened up and turned into a piggy...i love how she was transformed and had no control...but i'd have eaten her if she'd been fattened up that much...
Forcedlactationlover Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I also like the idea of fattening Rachel up, but I'm not into TF. There are other ways to deprive her of control while fattening her belly.
The story, though, is well told, with a plausible explanation of the magic aspects. Good job.
EKMKE Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
i'm not a furrry, or even that much of a tf guy, but i do have one thing to say

have you ever read the goosebumps story "My Hairiest Adventure"? I'm asking this because the plots are very similar. I'm not saying you stole the plot, just an observation

other than that, this story is ok
MishachuTubby Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorry for the reaaally late reply, but i see where you got that idea from. You got it from when the kid was found out really to be a dog  at birth but was turned human than later turned back into a dog. c: 
dolanator Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
i never read that that for the storys being simlair well all i have to say is that a lot of storys in a specific genere are similar. there are only so many ways you can tell a story that is centered around something as specfic as pig tf's.
EKMKE Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010
digitalcirce Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2010
What an awesome story! I love the concept of a childless couple raising a piglet as their daughter. Well done!
dolanator Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2010
thanks for the comment. it's cool hear you like my story since your story's are my favorite on deviant art
digitalcirce Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2010
The pleasure is all mine. This is a very creative work - the elements of magic causing childlessness and the 'chosen' animal having to pay back a child in honor of their origin are two other very original elements that really set this apart as a thought-out and intelligent piece of creative writing.

I was quite impressed, and I think that your plot will stick with me for some time to come. I like how you've chosen to end it, with Rachel very much becoming a child of two worlds, and embracing that dual nature.
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